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Pit Bulls Debunked - An essay describing the myths, falsehoods, and misperceptions of this wonderful breed.

Derby Hills Bulldogs photo
Kennel Name: Derby Hills Bulldogs
City: Tomah - State: WI  - Zip: 54660
Phone: 608-374-2364
Description/Other Info:

Here at Derby Hills Farms, we welcome you to look into the bulldogs we call "Our Girls and Boys". We Live in the beautiful rolling hills of western Wisconsin and share it with various other farm animals and 2 children. Many hours of research have gone into my foundation lines after owning bullies for over 15yrs. I believe in health FIRST and then correct show conformation! I am a Tax Accountant and Business Property Owner, so I don't have a fulltime commitment to the show world, (but do ion certain weekends!)...I truely believe in the AKC Champion-Bred/Sired Bulldog; accept no less!! Member of BCA and WI Bulldog Rescue. Puppies will be arriving in Fall of 2009. Prices on these litters vary; starting at $2200.00-2400.00. Please , please do your homework out there on your potential puppy's breeder!!! There area so many unethical people out there!Visit my website.

Website: www.derbyhillsbulldogs.com
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