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Pit Bulls Debunked - An essay describing the myths, falsehoods, and misperceptions of this wonderful breed.

Friendly Frenchies  photo
Kennel Name: Friendly Frenchies
State: CA  - Zip: 91017
Phone: 626 848-2012
Description/Other Info:

Welcome to Friendly Frenchies. Yes! We currently have a rare colored red pied female 2 years old and she will be in heat next month if you are interested in breeding. All shots, health guarantee. E-mail for current photos. Red pieds are beautiful and requested a lot by clients. But they are the rarest color so if you are interested in breeding the pretty rare colored red pieds she is your girl. She has only been bred once and her female puppy sold for $3,000 and her male puppy sold for $2700 since this color frenchie is so in demand and hard to find. Also, she whelps her puppies herself unlike most frenchies that require a c-section. So you also won't have c-section vet fees with her. She is a sweetheart. Feel free to e-mail for a photo of her. We paid $3,000 for her rare color and conformation but are willing to accept $1400. Thank you. Also, this white female with a patch over one eye pictured here is available. She is 1 year old ready to be bred. She is $1400 and comes from our line which doesn't need c-sections they whelp naturally. Both are sired by a champion quality male with 9 champions on their pedigree. We no longer will be breeding. They are CKC registered. E-mail for photos. All shots current.

We also have a retired 4 year old brindle female available for a pet only for $600.

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