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Pit Bulls Debunked - An essay describing the myths, falsehoods, and misperceptions of this wonderful breed.

uniquepupz photo
Kennel Name: uniquepupz
City: Kuna - State: ID
Phone: (702) 997-2355
Description/Other Info:

We are responsible, reputable English Bulldog breeders and would be glad to give references. All of our puppies parents are in great health and have wonderful temperaments which makes sweet, healthy babies! We also have to say that we produce some beautiful puppies! If your looking for a healthy,elite,adorable,stocky build, wrinkles and thick rope over his/her nose, then you have come to the right place.Our puppies are health checked by veterinarian and given the following vaccinations: Bordetela at 41/2 weeks, Parvo at 5,7,9,11,13,15,& 17 weeks, Corona at 10 & 14 weeks, DHLP with out lepto at 12 & 16 weeks. Our puppies are de-wormed at 3,4,5,6,8,10 & 14 weeks, if a puppy goes to a new home before these shots our done we provide a list of shots to give to the owners veterinarian.We have superior quality and gorgeous English Bulldog Puppies for sale. We have been breeding since early 2005.Uniquebullz offers wonderful family companions for families to love. Most of all of our English Bulldog Puppies come with a lifetime health guarantee and 1 year congenital and genetic guarantee.When you purchase an English Bulldog Puppy from us you will receive pictures of parents, pedigree information, and shopping list for all your English bulldog puppy needs.
With us,you will have the best experience ever..www.limelightbullies.com

Website: www.limelightbullies.com
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