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Pit Bulls Debunked - An essay describing the myths, falsehoods, and misperceptions of this wonderful breed.

Norcal's American Bulldogs photo
Kennel Name: Norcal's American Bulldogs
City: Vacaville - State: CA
Phone: 707-451-0103 or 707-731-7419
Description/Other Info:

Puppies born January 15th, 2011 from titled and health tested parents! P1 Norcal's Malo Rojo PDC BST BH OB1 FO TT CGC x UWP UAG1 CA UCD UMJ URO2 CH Norcal's Pretty n' Pink of D&D OB1.

From protection sports to high level obedience, dock diving, weight pull, conformation or just great family pets we strive to produce the total package in American Bulldogs. We focus on working ability and correct temperament while maintaining correct structure. We had the #2 and #6 UKC American Bulldog in 2009 and the #3 in 2010! We also have the 2nd and only living female American Bulldog to get a Mondio Ring Brevet and the first female to become a UKC Super Dog! We own the world record holder for the breed in competitive dock diving and the only American Bulldog to receive a UKC high in trial for obedience. We are a small family breeder of quality American bulldogs. We strive to produce dogs that are non dog aggressive and exhibit intense drive, stable nerves and sound structure. Our dog train and compete in multiple venues including protection sports, weight pull, obedience, dock diving, rally-o, agility & conformation. Puppies are raised in the house around kids and other animals. They are exposed to many different sights, sounds & smells. We start imprinting our puppies at 3 days of age with daily handling exercises; as the puppies mature we expose them to an increasing amount of stimuli including variable surfaces, car rides, children, and animals. This produces puppies that develop into well rounded and stable adult dogs.

Website: www.norcalsbulldogs.com
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