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Pit Bulls Debunked - An essay describing the myths, falsehoods, and misperceptions of this wonderful breed.

Bucalla's Palouse Kennels photo
Kennel Name: Bucalla's Palouse Kennels
Street: 2652 Old Moscow Road
City: Pullman - State: WA  - Zip: 99163
Phone: 775-530-9720
Description/Other Info:

Welcome to Bucalla's Palouse Kennel, where the quality of the dog is our first priority. We
are dedicated to the improvement of the breed, especially by elimination of undesirable
traits through careful and well-informed application of traditional breeding techiques. We select breeding pairs one the basis of recognised phenotypes in pedigrees and on the basis of genes known to be present in the pair. Modern genetic techniques of genome sequencing and genomics allow breeders unprecedented foreknowledge of the genetic potentials of breeding pairs and Bucalla's Palouse Kennel is foremost among dog breeders in using this technology for the betterment of the American Bulldog. Truly to know an American Bulldog is to love them. Our dogs are one of the family and socialized from birth. We are proud to offer strong, muscular, happy puppies.
Our studs are for hire, call for details.
(775) 530-9720

Website: www.facebook.com/bucallaspalousekennels
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