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Pit Bulls Debunked - An essay describing the myths, falsehoods, and misperceptions of this wonderful breed.

How to Deal with Puppy Biting

Why is my puppy biting?

We could argue this all day long; there are several schools of thought on the matter. I think that it really doesn't matter why it is happening the fact of the matter is, it is happening.
Now that leads us to our next question is my dog vicious? No all puppies nip and bite some can be incredible rough about it, they have a little more spunk than the puppy that you had before. These one is a little more tenacious then previous puppies nothing to stress about just make sure you are in the Alpha position and you will be fine. Train your little guy/gal that it is unacceptable to bite and teach them some obedience and you will have a happy healthy pet.

I am no expert but I can't stress these two things enough:

Timing: When your puppy does any unwanted behavior be sure to correct them immediately!!! That means the second Fido's teeth touch your hand CORRECTION!!!

Consistency: If the answer is 'NO' once it is no every single time!! If you don't want your dog to do it, never, never, never allow it, not even once because you are tired, busy, or it was kind of cute the way they did it that time. Personally I believe this is the biggest problem for most of us humans, don't expect your puppy to know that it wasn't cute this time. This is law; once it is a 'No' it is always a 'No'!!!!!!

Now here are several methods, choose what you are comfortable with and what works for you:
As soon as your puppy nips, bites, or tugs at you:

1)Yelp - let your puppy know that they are hurting you.
2)Before you play with your puppy spray Bitter Apple (available at almost any pet store or online) on your hands so they get a mouth full of a fowl taste. This is not painful it just tastes nasty.
3)Redirect his attention to a toy (if you have a squeaker or something that makes noise that you can hold in your hand) squeak shake it, etc. The noise will get his attention and you can tell him 'No!'
4)Loop his leash around a doorknob and try giving him a timeout on that. Only 30 seconds or so, but no toys, no food, no attention at all. Play with him when you let him off and just keep repeating it until he gets it.
5)Shaking a can full of coins or the trusty water bottle.
6)Grab his lower jaw with your thumb inside his mouth and your hand under his mouth and hand it for a second. (Like fishermen grab fish) This is not painful just uncomfortable to the pup they don't like not having control of their mouth and this takes away control for a sec.
7)Use your fingers as a bite, since the puppy is small, use two fingers and assertively put them on the puppy's neck when he bites you while saying "no bite".
8 )Flatten your hand and put your whole hand in the puppy's mouth, make it so they cannot bite you but they have a mouth full of hand.



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