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11 weeks vs. 2 years

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OH MY WORD he's almost her size, I was trying to get you good shots of their body size but this is all I've got so far:

Their favorite sunning spots:

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Leeann.Bella.Remy said:
He's so big comared to Norris!! How much does he weigh now? He has such a grown-up look to him.
he's 19 lbs! :shock: Even thogh I saw both the parents, I think he has AB down the line somewhere....my poor Bandogge! :roll:
augrad said:
Cute pics. Darla's such a noble-looking girl in that sunning pic. :D
I thought so too...something about the sun today they haven't stopped sunning all morning~!
Norris is tiny, I thought that too...maybe you can tell people he is a pocket pit :lol:
I got asked if Chico was "miniature pitbull" after someone asked me what he was...I said, "no, he's 10 weeks old" :roll: . People ask all the time if he's a Jack Russell :lol: I was also asked if he's going to get any bigger :roll: Um...Yeah, he is :lol:
Darla....shje the regal one :roll: :lol: Unless you know her....she's Regally photogenic :lol:
1 - 6 of 18 Posts
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