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16th Nov - new pics

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What a cutie! I love the markings on his face, very unique!
She looks like such a sweet, loving girl. :D
such a stunner!!!
aww such a sweet girl looks like shes been in a few fights though :(
I love the pic where she's rolled over! She looks so cute!
I love those expressions...Poor baby all she wants is a treat!!!LOL..

very cute, How is Gypsy doing? a weight gain maybe?
Yeah, she looks good,like she's filled out. She's being such a patient girl for that treat...give her one from me! :wink:
she is about 22 kilos now.
the Vet said she is in perfect shape and is def looking better than she did when we first got her!

here is when we first got her

so yes..from this pic she is way better!
Thanks for all the lovely comments
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1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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