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3 EB questions

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Hello, new to the list, new to my EB pup, but not new to bully breeds =)

3 questions here... 1) my girl Bella's eyes seem a bit 'splayed' kind of turned out from one another. I have heard opposing opinions on the matter of them eventually getting in the correct position, one, absolutely not, what you see is what you get, and other opinions being that since her cartilage is still soft while teething, it is causing her splayed feet and eyes. Now.. I'm no dummy, but I don't think that soft cartilage has anything to do with her eyes, so my assumption is that, yes, her eyes will always be a bit off. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

2) RC Bulldog 24.... I have not purchased this yet, because I am not 100% happy with the ingredients. I feed DVP Duck and Potato to my Giant Schnauzer, (was feeding her raw at her breeders recommendation, but with that beard... ewwwww germies!) Her stool is a bit soft, but no gas, and she is very healthy. So the question is... Can someone give me the rundown of why this food, that has brown rice as the main ingredient, is THE best food for my EB pup? Also, is RC Bulldog 24 satisfactory for the puppy stage of growth? DVP has no puppy food, they (he?) feels that it is complete enough for every stage of life, just adjust amount fed.

3) Does any EB owners feed or supplement with Raw? My Giant gets chicken backs/wings to help keep her teeth pearly white once or twice a week. (the days she gets raw, her stools go from soft-ish and tan to hard and very dark)

Any imput is appreciated =))


Bella the EB, and Jolly the Giant
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I have no advice on the spayed eyes/feet, but RC Bulldog 24 ranks 100% or an "A+" in the food grading thread. http://bulldogbreeds.com/discuss/viewtopic.php?t=642

Sure there are others that rank higher, but I was please with the RCB24 for the short time we fed it before our EB girl passed away. The unique shape of the kibble really did help her chew her food better which lead to less gas/vomiting. Brown rice is better then white rice or corn which alot of the commercial brands use as fillers. So while the RC doesn't have as many veggies as some of the higher quality ones - at least it's not corn.

Lately there have been quite a few posts about the DVP causing loose/light colored stools. This leads me to believe that it maybe too rich (?) for most tummies. I don't know - I've never fed it - although I have considered it for our new pup but not sure if I like the idea of loose stools.

Im sorry I really don't have any advice for you!

Oh, and welcome to the forum and post pics of your pup if you can! Im sure we'de all love to see her!
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I guess it just boils down to finding what works the best for your dogs. What works for one isn't necessarily going to work for another. If your bully is fine on the DVP then just stay with that. There is conflicting advice on weather of not you should feed a puppy, puppy food. So far, I'm leaning towards feeding my girl adult formula instead of the puppy stuff when she comes home. I know her breeder is weaning her to puppy stuff - but I wont know for certain until I talk to him again as well as our vet.

I think her eyes look alright for an EB pup. They tend to look a little walleyed when they are that young. Look at my girl in my signature (although she's not an EB she's still a bully). Can you say eyes on the side of her head?!? :lol:

I think Bella'll be alright (she's CUTE too) - but if you are really concerned - ask your vet.

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