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1 - Most puppies are afraid of the stairs (especially going down) Boss wouldn't go down the stairs until about a month after we got him. Remember, puppies aren't very coordinated :D

2 - 14 hours is too long for her to hold it. Especially for a young pup. Once they're about 4 - 5 months old, they should be able to hold it for about 6 - 7hrs. Some can and will hold it for about 8 - 9. If you want, instead of crate training her, try keeping her in an isolated area with the papers down. Like the kitchen, or something.

3 - You don't have to drag her on the leash! Just gradually let her get to know the area and surroundings. For the first little while, try just taking her like 20ft back and forth and keep up with the "happy talk." Ensure her that the noises she hears and things she sees are ok and will not hurt her.

AND good luck :D Let us know how it goes :p
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