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First again - My name is Mike and my baby's name is Jezabel - 15 Week old OEBD.
I trained my APB with no really issues but now I am running into little issues

1st - She don't like the stairs she'll go up but not down.

2nd - the people that had her before me paper trained her kinda. she will goto the paper but she won't use the paper for both urine and poo.
I crated my first dog but my GF doesn't like that idea especially for 7 to 8 hours I agree but with me working 14 hours hsifts and her unable to come home I am at a loss, I really don't want her thinking it is alright using the house as a toilet, and I would like her to get to using outside.

3rd - How do I get her use to the noise and activities of daily life if she won't walk, a friend give her no choice but I dont want her draggin behind me like I see these guys draggin their dogs down the street and having nothing but an aggressive or cowaring dog.

I use a harness with a 4.5 ft leash shortened to about 3ft - as far as housebreakng I wait about 45 minutes to an hour after she eats and then once every couple of hours around that.
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