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Oh, I feel your pain. I literally have dozens of scars from Odie biting me as a pup. He was the worst nipper EVER. You need to associate nipping with a negative reaction, like a quick squirt of water from a squirt bottle. That works for lots of dogs, but it didnt' work for mine. It got to the point where he thought being squirted was a game, so he'd bite even more just to be squirted. :roll:

The only thing that worked for Odie was gently holding his nose down, and giving a firm "NO". If he continued, I'd put him outside for a bit. Now, if he puts his mouth around my arm or hand, I just say "NO" and he releases. You should also give them a toy to chew on. When he starts biting you, replace your hands or feet with his toy. Teach him that it's okay to chew on his toys, but not on people.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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