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Re: Water

myrth326 said:
I have a 7 mo old English bully. We kinda had the same problem when we first got him. We read in a book on EB's that they like cold water. We add ice to his water bowl and he LOVES it. We also give him ice to chew. We don't add ice all the time, only when we first change out his bowl. Every once in a while inbetween times. It just depends on how you want to do it. I hope this helps.
your pup likes ice too? My girl loves to chew on ice. When i put ice in her bowl, she bobs for em like they're apples and her nose makes the snorkling sound cuz she's exhaling into the water... its the funniest thing. She also chews on ice... i think i just discovered the cheapest most hypoallergenic treat.
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