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A couple more of CC (I know your sick of seeing her)

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Lookin drunk

I know you wanna play, come on here's the ball, you want it , I know you do

just looking out the window

Notice her arm on the armrest! (and yes we were moving at the time :lol: )

thanks for looking!
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Awww - I love CC! I could never get sick of seeing her. :D
lol those are great pictures. the drunk ones my favorite! And the arm rest.. what a smart little cookie (no pun intended :lol: )
How cute! I love the "just chillin" look.
I could never get sick of seeing her! :D she's such a cutie! :)
Sick of seeing her? Nahhhh! That last pic is great! She's so pretty. :D
So cute. She is a pink little thing, isn't she?
CC and Chance could be siblings.
cc sutch a cool a$$ dog love pics of cc ! :wink:
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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