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A few pictures :)

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I'm bored, and going through some old pictures. They made me smile, so figured I'd share! :)

lady this is degrading, hurry up lol

ok, where did Maddie go? I've about had enough of these things..

My lap dog

Are you going to throw that toy?

My water baby

too much beer ;)


Ok I'll stop now... :D
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great looking dogs!! i love the sunglasses 8)
Your male is awsome. I now know what Champ would look like with a rednose.
:D :D Those are great!
What cuties! Love the sunglasses, but the bowties have to go. LOL :wink:
nice pics. they are cute.
They're gorgeous! I love the sleeping bully pics. :D
Your dogs are GORGEOUS!
Thanks everyone.
:lol: I know the bowties had to go, lol! Benjamin had won a photo contest though, and that was in his basket. I took the pictures for the lady that sent all the wonderful goodies in the basket. They didn't last long that's for sure. Maddie hated her doggles, but Ben seemed to actually enjoy his.
Your doggies are so beautiful! They look like they have great personalities, too. :)
Aww those are sweet!
they are great lookin dogs, I love the water pics!!
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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