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a year has past

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and i still miss him. i know he is waiting for me but, i still miss him :cry:

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I'm very sorry for the anniversary of your loss.
Very Handsome Boy....what a looker :cry: :cry:
I know it's tough cath....still miss mine and it's coming up to 3 years this december. I think you get that 1 dog that makes a really lasting impression.

For the record....I miss willy too! Just not quite the same without his gorgeous face!
Cathy...sorry I missed this thread! I know I am a few days late. :(

I agree with Peebles, although you probably miss him the most, there are others who miss Will as well. You are not alone. He was a special dog that was loved by many!

RIP Willy.....
Cinder said:
I'm very sorry for the anniversary of your loss.
I am so sorry for your loss. Mine has only been for a few months and it still hurts.
(((((((((((I send you hugs)))))))))))
Have strength!
Awww, I am so sorry I missed this thread also!
My heart goes out to you!

See you soon!
So Sorry Cath that i missed i never check here!!!! So Sorry for your anniversary of a sad time. Willy was a great dog! we all miss him and hes waiting for you with his tail wagging!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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