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AB people, get in here!

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What do you think about the directions AB's are going? The AB looks like it's being pulled in every direction possible. Rumors of outcrossing and hanging papers. Some breeders seem to be going the direction the EB went and others look like they're breeding Pit Bulls.
What will it all mean in 50 years?
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Good discussion here. Since I know diddly squat about this kind of stuff, it's nice to learn about it from different viewpoints than just one.

From what I have read, I tend to side a little more with Al. I think having proven working dogs is SOOOOO important if we want to continue having healthy dogs in this breed, and all breeds, for that matter. I feel like outcrossing, NOT FOR LOOKS, but for function is a good idea as long as a breeder is being honest to their selves.

If I was to ever purchase an AB from a breeder, I would most definitely look for one that works those dogs regularly. I would want to see both the dam and sire in action. Even for a pet, I want my dogs to be capable. Like Al said, I could care less what the dog looked like as far as standard or bully.

And whats hanging papers mean?
This is really a fabulous discussion. And APBT's are awesome ;) I'd choose a AB outcrossed with an APBT before I'd choose one that wasn't. Because like Al said, I think a well bred pit can only better a program.
Al, can "good" genes become diluted? Sorry if its a stupid question. Like for example, if you think you have found the perfect 2 dogs and you keep breeding from the that gene pool only, will the good pup production ever dwindle?
Showing is way different than working. An English bulldog is a show dog but can't do shi* for work. That's why I don't think papers are important.
I saw nothing rude in any of the statement mike or al made. If you choose to take what is said here so personally, perhaps you should look within yourself as to why it bothers you so much. You sound pretty knowledgable and your insight would most likely be valued in this forum if you can get used to the straight-forward nature of it.
The definition of purity is adjective. The definition varies from one individual to the next. If we accept that paper hanging is prevalent, how does one ensure that they have pure stock going to pure stock? Are we to accept that a piece of paper is the defining evidence of purity? Does it put it in perspective that there are registries that will paper a dog with a couple of pictures and some money? Are those dogs any more or any less pure, they have papers? Papers and the significance that they provide is nothing more than hype. You are no more assured purity with papers than you are without.

In many OEB registries it's not uncommon to have ABs and EBs dual registered as their respective breed and OEB within the same registry. It's also a common practice that as long as the parents are registered with the registry that an AB/EB pairing results in the litter being registrable as OEB. Is the breeder dishonest when working within the established rules of the registry or do we lay blame solely at the feet of the registry? Are the dogs registered any less of a dog because of this?

It's not until one is able to look past the ingrained constraints of purity are they able to appreciate the dog for it's abilities. A dog's worth should never be decided by what papers accompany it, it's pedigree, are any of the multitude of arbitrary traits that are so often defined as making a dog worth something. A dog's worth should solely rest on it's ability to perform.
Good post. And I completely 100% agree with that last statement. It's very unfortunate many breeders don't think that way. If they did, we would have less wrecks of a dog being bred for it's color or wrinkles or bowed out legs.
I would LOOOOOVE an APBTxAB. I have hopes of getting one and working it someday.
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