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I personally love what I see in American Bulldogs these days.
Registered...rather, recognized means nothing to me in way of who could give a crap if an old english has a black nose or not.
If the dog does what you need or want it to do, whats the problem.
What someone says is a perfect example is not always the case with others.

I read previously that some of these breeds are losing their drive characteristics.
I do not believe this is a breed wide issue.
I do see a lot more OEB out there, but this breed is very particular.
For those to say that you have to have a Leavitt OEB or it is not, is dumb.
There is a formula that he used to get the desired result, but many and anyone can and has done the same.
Certain variations will cause a different outcome, but who is anyone to say what is better than the other.

edit...deleted most of this post for if I have nothing nice to say, well...
you know the rest.
1 - 1 of 127 Posts
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