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AB people, get in here!

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What do you think about the directions AB's are going? The AB looks like it's being pulled in every direction possible. Rumors of outcrossing and hanging papers. Some breeders seem to be going the direction the EB went and others look like they're breeding Pit Bulls.
What will it all mean in 50 years?
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Hi Gazar, My experience is that if a working dog is raised around other animals and scolded when it chases it they will learn it's unacceptable. Lucy our Cattle Dog x Tablelands Pig Dog killed a duck when she got her (we adopted her at 9 months) She got in big trouble and never has done it again, she actually tends to avoid poultry.
AB were originally bred to be farm dogs and catch cattle as well as hunt, not an easy job without being stomped or hurting the cow. They would've come in direct contact with farm animals on a daily basis.
This is sort of why I find this thread so interesting. I think here ABs are being bred for their original traits of hunting and farming.

Cheers, Ann
Our AB walks among our small cow herd and has been known to take a nap with the chickens. She has also dispatched a raccoon, two possums and several squirrels this summer. I should also mention that she aggresively goes after coyotes but does not challenge the field fence . I.am also convinced that she would try to take down a deer if she could catch one. Good fences increase canine survival rates. We are lucky to have several acres fenced. The dog has a great deal of freedom but seldom leaves the house/barns unless an animal shows up.uninvited.Our barn cats and other very small dog are never harassed by her. Seldom a dull moment around here .
Please note that I said that she would try to take down a deer. The chance of failure is huge as in 99.999%!
I know what you mean. We've always had Red Heelers which are Australian Cattle Dogs who love to look longingly at our neighbors cows but wouldn't have a clue what to do with one if it got up close and personal.
im quite sure sarah would run if she saw a bull ;)
I realize this was from years back but was/ is a very interesting post for AB lovers. That's the cool thing about this forum
Yes, some really good discussions. :)
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