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AB that wount stop itching and biting herself

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I have a deaf american bulldog. She is all white and she is always itching and biting herself until she either bleeds or eats the haid in the area. Is this because she is an albino bulldog or what? Any suggestions? I usually giver her a bath once a week with puppy shampo.
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what type of food do you have her on ? might want to get her tested for a food allergy ? start there ...
it's eather allergies or a skin infection. I would stop feeding her anything with corn wheat and beef, and see if that helps. You can also give her benadryll to help the itch. if it doesn't help, take her to the vet.
Is she on dflea prevntative? And not the cheapy kind you canbuy in the grocery store...something like K9 Advantix, Frontline, etc.

What kind of food is she on? Many bullies are prone to skin allergies...the most likely culprit is corn and other 'filler' grains in cheap food. Try something more psecific to allergies like D i c k Van Patten's Natural Balance Duck and Potato or Sweet potato and Fish.

Has she been checked for mange? Are there bumps or scabs where she's scratching/licking?

My first suggestion would be to take her to the vet to rule out anythign that will need vet treatment. If it turns out to be allergies, you will have several options on how to treat them.

We had the same problem with Janie. She was a mess and sooo red and painful and she scratched and licked and only made things worse. The first vet gave cortisone shots and they went away for a month, then another shot,,round and around every month until I found out cortisone is harmful if given frequently. So off to the allergist, he told us the majority of skin rashes were from food so we tried her on all kinds of food. Finally we tried her on Innova and wha-la!! She has been rash free for 2 years now!!!
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