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AB weight

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Just curious if some of you remember what your AB's weighed at 5 months and what they weigh now at their current age. I just feel like Sheila is not growing fast enough. She is 5 months and weighs 40lbs????
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At 6 1/2 months Buster weighed 55 pounds.He just turned 7 months and I am guessing he weighs around 60 pounds.
He is really growing these days in height and weight.He goes Friday to be neutered so I will weigh him then to see what he is at.
Cool, I thought she was falling behind. Yeah she is getting longer but not higher yet. Seems like in two weeks she stretch out LOL
I don't know what Bam weighed when he was 5 mo. because I got him at 1 year. He is almost 4 now and he weighs anywhere between 90 and 105lbs. He is the Scott type AB so he isn't as big as some of the Johnsons are getting now (130!!).
Loki just turned 7 months at the beginning of the month and weighs 65 lbs. For awhile he was gaining 10 lbs a month, but its really slowed down. At 5 months, he was just over 50 lbs, and at 6 months he weighed 59 lbs. I'm not sure if cutting back his food plays a role or not.
The main reason I asked is cuz I met a lady at the dog park with two AB's, she said her female was 6 months old and the dog already weighed 70lbs!!!! The dog looked pretty full grown to me as far as his teeth were concerned. But sheila only a month younger and 30 lbs lighter made me wonder.
Usually AB females are between 60-100 lbs, mostly depends on her pedigree. She will probably be on the smaller side, nothing wrong with that.
Cute girl :D

Well I have NO idea about her pegrigee, we rescued her from a shelther, not that she wouldn't have gotten rescued anyways LOL she only spent one day there. Wish I could have gotten her brother too who got adopted the day before. My hopes is that she stays on the small end since she is (atleast in our eyes) an indoor dog. So hopefully between 60-70lbs is my hope. That way she will hopefully also be more athletic and less weight on her hips.

I wouldn't worry about the size of your pup to much. Sounds like a good weight for the age. There are a lot of breeders on this site, myself not included, that can tell you there is quite a large range in size in AB's depending on breeding.

Our 7 month old female AB is around 80lbs. now and her brother is 100lbs. (weighed at the vet last week) but they are large for the breed. We have a good friend with a two year old AB male that is 80-85lbs. which is closer to a normal weight I would think. He definately looks like he has more EB in him than our girl.

Hopefully some of the breeders will chime in as well. Welcome to the forum.
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My male AB pup (performmance Scott/Williamson line) is 42lbs at 18 weeks.
Gotta any pics??? He is gonna be a monster!
AB Weight

My female is a performance type AB and at 6 months old she weighed 49 pounds at the last visit to the vet. Our male is a Johnson type and he will be 4 months old tomorrow and he weighed a very solid 45 pounds at the last visit. Here are some shots a few days beffore the vet visit and one after the vet visit(you can tell from the cast on her leg).

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Cute, what happened to her leg???
Her leg

The goofy thing broke a toe digging in the yard. Atleast that is the only thing I can think of. We saw her digging and the next thing I know she was limping. She is so spastic compared to our male
Funny you asked this question about size because I was just about to ask it until I saw this post. Bella is 5 months and weighed 35 pounds the last time I weighed her. I am concerned she might end up being real small. Am I just being silly?
Nice Name!

I honestly wouldn't worry about their weight. My female(Bella) was small when we got her and at 12 weeks she only weighed 23 pounds. She is filling out nicely and seems to have hit a growth spurt so maybe yours will do the same. Honestly, I don't care how big they get so long as they are healthy.
my boy frances weighed 80-85 at 6 months.hes probaly around 95-100 at 10 months.i was kinda worried to, but hes seemed to have slowed somewhat.he is alot taller now and putting on more muscle now.
at 5 months biz was at 63 poundhe is about 70 now at 6 months
but he has johnson bloodlines anf they are a larger dog than the scotts
so depending on what type you have that can make a big difference
male/female also makes a difference
Zeus is a couple of weeks past 5 months and he weighs 54 lbs (just weighed him on Friday). He was also the biggest of his liter though, and weighed 6 lbs at birth. His Dad is 100% Johnson, so he will probably end up over a 100.

I wouldn't be concerned as long as Shelia continues to look healthy.
killian 15 weeks, a little over edit: 41 lbs. 3/4 johnson

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