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Just some info that I received in an email regarding the show coming up Saturday. I mentioned that my pups were too young for weight pull, but we were interested in the fun shows to start. (I had to explain that I couldnt bring my red nose because he got a few ant bites in the yard this weekend and they scabbed up)

But interesting enough, this was her reply.

Notice the WP clause.

I'm not familiar with Bradenton but attached is a flyer and directions from I 75.

Fun shows should start around 11am. You will still need a crate for them. As for the point classes they ARE old enough as they start at 4 months of age. The classes are as follows:
4to6 months
6to9 months
9to12 months
12to18 months
18to24 months
2 to 3 years
3 to 5 years
5 and over

Then there is best pup, best male, best female and best of show.

You have enough time for yhe one with the ant bites as that should heal up just fine. As for the overbite you can do weight pull starting at 9 months of age. I would come and learn more about it if I were you. It'll be a good time!!! Come and introduce yourself, I'll be the one running around like a chicken with my head cut off.


So, there is a seminar, free at 8am sharp all about weight pull, what you need to know to get started, everything. Supossed to be very informative. Great volunteers, they didnt say who, but they did say very well noted professionals with champion dogs.

WP sounds awesome, and with all the WP in the peds, Chocy is soooo built like them , I think he'd do great. You should see his shoulders..very impressive already!
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