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Aussie Wolf said:
I might, but he was at the vet a few days ago for his shots and a checkup and the vet said he was fine.

To be honest, i dont have the cash to take him to the vet until next week, and my girlfriend is interstate seeing family with our cerdit card...

Can you guys give me some other ideas? Should i fast him for a few days, then start him just on dry kibble with no chicken? Im stressing for the poor guy....

Was he wormed, I know I talk about worms alot but they cause so many problems in dogs and people. They (the worms) are smart enough to live on the host suck all the nutrients and still keep the host alive. They dont want to loose the host. I also feed my dogs raw eggs and cooked chicken. But you know you could probably cook the eggs (not in the microwave). Worm your baby for hook and round worm starting every two weeks, then once a month for preventive. The chicken should help with the coat, so you could cut out the stuff for shiney coat.
1 - 1 of 25 Posts
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