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Age to neuter?

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At what age do you neuter your dog? My vet reccomends 6-8 months. I have done a lot of reading recently that the Humane Society and other vets are doing it younger and younger. They claim that the 6 mo rule is arbitrary and that the younger the pup, the easier the recovery period. Also, what is the average cost? My vet quoted $250.00 if he is over 50# at 6 mos. I was thinking of going through the Friends of Animals and getting a certificate for $64.00, but I would have to use a different vet.
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Recent studies have shown that, thanks to advances in anesthesia (the newer Isofluorane is much safer than that of olden days), male dogs suffer no ill effects from being neutered as young as 8 weeks of age. However, females spayed younger than 12 weeks showed a higher risk of developing UTIs (& recurring UTIs) & urinary incontinenece. It is recommended to wait until a female is 12 weeks of age to spay.
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