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Age to neuter?

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At what age do you neuter your dog? My vet reccomends 6-8 months. I have done a lot of reading recently that the Humane Society and other vets are doing it younger and younger. They claim that the 6 mo rule is arbitrary and that the younger the pup, the easier the recovery period. Also, what is the average cost? My vet quoted $250.00 if he is over 50# at 6 mos. I was thinking of going through the Friends of Animals and getting a certificate for $64.00, but I would have to use a different vet.
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Patch is booked in to get it done next week, and he'll be 7 months.
His testicles had dropped months ago... and the vet won't do it before 6 months.

SOOOOO scared though.

and it's costing me AU$180, which is equivalent to about US$120.... so comparing to how much you guys are paying, it's a bargain!!
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