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I never post to this topic b/c I don't know crap :oops: . Here's my question: what is the oldest you guys would recommend starting a dog on any specialized type of training.

I do very basic work on my own.
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earlier the better.

depends on the dog. some dogs are awesome right out of the box. But, they could have been better if imprinted properly.

I cannot overstate the importance of puppy imprinting. To me, it is everything.

Foundation foundation foundation. Early imprinting lost can never be brought back. That is why everyone I know, eventually, gets a new dog and starts off at 8 weeks with the help of a club.

If you imprint a dog to NEVER ever know defeat and from 8 weeks on (of course you have absolute almost fanatical control over what the pup gets to see) the pup learns that winning means OVERCOMING slightly increasing pressure, guess what you get at 2 years? A very focused, mega confident, super social dog
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