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Hi, recently I'm welcome a chewer bulldog to my family and I don't know that dog is suffering from a chewing habit. So, anyone helps me how to train a dog. I also read a blog on the training but its impact I not according to mine expectation. First and foremost, this is my first experience with a bulldog.

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How old is your Bulldog? They are one of the toughest chewers. Every dog I have had has chewed things. The first two years between teething and boredom they will chew anything they find. This means you need to go to the pet store and have them show you the toughest chew toys. Get at least six of them in a variety as they do get bored with the same one. You have to keep things out of their reach or cover it up during this time. Shoes and clothes put away. Cell phones, remote controls, lamp cords, kids toys - all put out of reach. You cannot train this out of them if they are teething - it is a natural way for them to relieve the pain of teething. Good luck. :)

p.s. The dog's crate is the best place for them during this time if no one is with them. This keeps them from chewing or swallowing items that will hurt them.
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