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Hi every one new to this forum. My OEB is 2 1/2 she my absolute world.At the beginning of summer she started scratching a lot then we started to notice she was getting theses scabby lumps & her hair fulling out in patches. She's been to the vet & they have said she has an allergy. So they put her on steroids & said to put her on a hypoallergenic food diet which she has been on for 8 wks now. The steroids have stopped & she looks worse than ever bald patches everywhere. Been back to the vets today shes been given more steroids & we've been told she will have this for the rest if her life. Any advice or has anyone else's dog got allergies. What do you do?


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I am so sorry Toula is having these issues. Please check out our health section as others have had this issue with their dogs, also.
I am at work and I will post more this evening as I have some info to share with you. :)
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