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Allergy season....yay!

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Well, I guess Bella's allergies weren't as in check as I thought they were. She's been getting hives (or what look like hives) about twice a week. She never seems to be bothered by them, though. She never scratches or otherwise indicates that she's uncomfortable. I'm really glad that we got a new vet who doesn't charge exam fees each time we take the dogs in. I have a feeling Bella is going to be spending a lot of time there this summer. :)

I just snapped this picture a minute ago, after Bella had been outside for about 10-15 minutes:

Would you say those are hives? I'm not even sure. They're only on the left side of her body. She wasn't lying down in the grass on that side, so I'm not sure why they're only on that side!
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I am not sure what that is, but Zack has been doing the same thing. That is so weird!! The vet suggested we change his food, that it may be a wheat allergy. That is exactly how Zack's coat looks when he has a reaction!! The vet did a test where he scraped the hair and skin on his back, but so far nothing. Give her some benadryl, that helps Zack. Although it does not seem to bother him, it bothers me.
Zacks bumps come and go. They may be there one day and the next day no problems!! I just thought he was a weirdo!! it is strange that other dogs are doing this too. He started this about 2 or 3 months ago. I will try to post a pic next time I see some on him. The strange thing is they do not bother him at all. I give him benadryl and they usually go down. He mostly gets the bumps on his head, back and sides, not so much on his legs. It is making me crazy!! I wish I knew for sure what it was. My Boxer never has had anything like this! I would think if it was something in my yard he would welp up too. Let me know if yall find any solutions. :lol:
I just took these pics of Zack, look how pink his mouth and eyes are. This is the first time I have noticed the bumps on his mouth.

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