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Hi Everyone,

So I am almost ready to have my Staffy. I have a new animal friendly apartment. A trainer that has trained my friends champion pinschers(sp) and a well recommended vet as well.

I am in Chile and so finding a staffy was a little difficult because there is only 1 breeder in Chile that seems to be of any quality (Fireland... they bread last year with Calandra's White Knight if any of you know of that Canadian Staffy) I have been talking with a breeder in Brazil. They seem to be very caring and professional and are asking all of the "right questions" of me that I have read on here. Their 3 main stud dogs are all very distinct and impressive. I was wondering if any has the time maybe they could poke around their website and tell me what you think. It is in portuguese but you can google translate it. The site is www.lokanterrier.com.br

As well I know this has probably been asked and answered a million times but if you had to make a "must have" list for a puppy to enter your home what would it be?(crate collar chew toys etc.) Maybe someone could just send me the link to a previous post.

Thanks for any help
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