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bella_blue said:
I'm definitely not a dog behavior expert, but I think people read way too much into this dominance thing. He's biting you because he's a puppy, and that's what puppies do; they put everything in their mouth to explore their world (kind of like human babies!) He simply hasn't learned yet what things are not acceptable to put in his mouth, and he hasn't learned how hard he has to bite before he hurts someone. When he bites you, let out a shriek like he's killing you so he knows he's hurting you, and then offer him something else to play with.

Because he's a puppy, you don't really have to worry about dominance problems right now. Just set firm rules for him, practice obedience, and make him do a trick before you feed him, play with him, pet him, put on his leash, let him outside, etc. (also called the Nothing in Life Is Free program) This makes it very clear to him that you control all of the resources in his life and are his leader. You can be the "alpha" without doing silly things like having staring contests with him or flipping him on his back to "show him who's boss."
I totally agree with this. This is explained in detail in a book called "Mother Knows Best" by Carol Lea Benjamin. It's a great read.
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