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Am I being set up by this breeder.........

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So as most of you know I have been looking into getting male AB pup.After about a month I found a lady who
lives 7 hours from me and has been breeding for time.I did a background check on her with the better burro business and it came back clean.I have seen pictures of past litters and there owners.She has an area on her site with the pedigrees/sire
and what not and seems to be on top her game.Well she had said that her female was due to give birth this month and if I was interested I had to put down my deposit so I could be on the waiting list for one.so I sent my deposit and got an email that they were hoping she would have them any day now.Well I hadn't heard anything from her so I sent her an email asking how the mom was doing and if there was any signs she would be having the litter soon.I then get an email back saying that she is taking mommy to the vet Tuesday and would let me know what is said.So last night I get a call from her saying she took the mother to the vet and the vet had said she had a False pregnancy.I have heard of this before BUT it threw up the red flag.She said she had never heard or seen this before.She was very apologetic and said that her other female was due to go into heat soon and if I was still interested that she would give me first pick of the litter.I told her I would get back to her.The red flag is: is it possible for a dog to have a false pregnancy and her not realize it the whole time? She said she was producing milk towards the end that her temp dropped a day or two before she took her to the vet and she put on weight like she was in fact going to have pups.She does have I believe two pups in her house with this female who has had litters before.I guess my question is does this lady sound like she knows what she is doing? Is it possible for something like this to happen? What are all of your thoughts on this.Should I take my money elsewhere?
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I stumbled upon a BYB
What does this mean?
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