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American Bulldog in Toronto (pic and story)

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Just thought Id share a pic of this dog we met when we were in toronto. He's the proud mascot of Bulldog Coffee (best espresso and skilled baristas in toronto). His owners own the shop and rescued him from a shelter, as he was left in the park tied to a tree with a note that said 'my owner can't take care of me anymore.' Anyways just thought that it was cool to see this guy chillin outside the store and doin well since he'd been rescued. He was super friendly and handsome, and if you are ever in TO you should go see him at Bulldog and grab an espresso.

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Nice looking guy. He's a pretty dog!
He's beatiful, looks more like a great dane/bulldog mix to me though.
Good looking dog but if he was rescued and is cared for why in the world would they have him tied up outside? The leash is so short he can't really walk around much. It ticks me off when I see a dog tied up.
Where in TO is it?
Kasco said:
Where in TO is it?
college st. next to maple leaf gardens.
Such a cutie!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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