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Do you believe that a friendly person with a treat and a leash could walk off with your dog if you w

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I did a search for any stories about American Bulldogs and found two disturbing articles at the top of the list: American Bulldogs being stolen.

"A two year old American Bulldog worth $1,500 was stolen from the enclosed backyard of a business in the 200 block of Southeast Second Avenue." --- FLORIDA

"A 100-pound American bulldog is safely back in the hands of its owner after police cracked a case of dog-napping Wednesday.

The dog's owner, Brady Gillihan, 31, called police Wednesday morning and said he was inside the Pizza Hut at 110 E. Winslow Rd. on Tuesday night picking up a carry-out order. When he returned to his car, Gillihan found that his dog, which he had left in the car for a few minutes, was missing, said Bloomington Police Department Detective Sgt. David Drake, reading from a police report."

Kind of a scary to think someone could just walk off with your dog. Is the growing popularity of AB's making them more and more a target of crooks?

-- mr c
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