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I searched the forum and couldn't find anything about this condition so I guess I'll be the first to talk about it.

Tiger (10 month old pit bull) has always been a sleeper. ever since he was 9 weeks old he has sleeped well into mid-morning. Then one day he slept the entire day. I didn't really think much about it until he slept for another entire day. He wasn't eating and didn't drink hardley anything. To make a long story short he was diagnosed with AIHA (autoimmune hymolitic anemia). The vet said that his red blood cells were being eaten by his white blood cells. He said we should come back later for steroids and other medicines. Before we went back to the vet he started to slowly regain his energy and eventually was back to normal. The vet said that is exactly what he wanted and that the only thing he will need now are suppliments from the local pet store.

Since then I have been feeding him Nutro natural choice dog food with Missing Link powder suppliments. I thought everything was fine until I just recently revisited some sites describing anemia. In short I got scared once again. I'm not sure if anemia will always be with him or if it was a one time thing and now he is over it. He has always been tired after walks and such and he does sleep most of the day (about 16 hours). I'm afraid that the suppliments aren't enough and his little puppy heart is pumping too hard.

I was just wondering if anyone has dealt with this before with their precious pet. I would love absolutely any advice and I apologize for the lenght of this post, after all he is my baby.

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It may be like people - some just have a tendency to be more anemic than others.
You will need to make sure that he is always on a good diet and getting the proper
nutrients that he needs along with a good source of iron. Raw hamburger meat
would not hurt, he needs the blood source. Good luck.
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