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Hello all
I have entered Pinkie in a photo contest
Please vote for her.
You can vote close the browser open it again and vote again and then have to wait till later the vote resets and you can vote 2 more times
So in other words you can vote several times a day.
I would love to be able to write the shelter in Arkansas and the rescue here in Maine and tell them that the dog who's life they saved has won a contest.
Thanks in advance


I entered a photo contest on Animal Attraction.com that has a $250
monthly prize and a $5,000 year-end Grand Prize. The winner is chosen by
popular vote, so please click here


and you'll be taken directly to my photo where you can vote for me.

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Pinkie and I Thank you for your vote
I often wonder just what rescued dogs could tell us if they could only speak
I wonder just what Pinkie was thinking when she waited for her first owner to come back for her and the year she spent in the shelter the things she saw
Most of the dogs here on this forum are rescued dogs I wonder just what they could tell us if they could only tell us their story
I just want to thank all of you who have taken part in a rescue no matter how great or how small your part was, you saved a dogs life
Remember you can vote several times a day and the voting will continue for the month of September
Post your dogs photo to
We'll all vote for you
If Pinkie wins, the money from the contest will be donated to rescue
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