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Hey board,

We are new to this board and have been posting on the True Grit board for about 2 years now. We own two Black Champ Bulldogs. Onyx, 2 year old male with a seal color coat and Maya a 1 year old female with a white coat and black mask.

Great dogs. We currently do no real formal training although we would like to pursue a title in Iron Dog or a Personal Protection title of some sort. These are the 3rd and 4th ABs I have owned and the only other breeds we would consider are a Pitbull naturally and if I had the time to devote to real training, a Dutch Shepherd or Mal. (Oh, my wife wants a pug!)

I love the AB first and foremost because of its size and versatility. I look forward to exchanging information with everyone.

Jeff and Teresa Scott

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Yep, welcome to the board! I'm the guy who was visiting a friend, Drew, in Philly the weekend before last. He has RIP out of Kinghaven Kennels and was going to try to get together that Sunday so I could see your Black Champ AB's. He talked to you later that day on the phone for a while.

Anyway, welcome and enjoy.

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