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Another pic of Buster begging

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This is how he usually begs. Makes me giggle. :lol:

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awwwww! I love buster!

His Dotted ear is my favorite!

I love Buster, too. You need to put that one in your avatar now. :wink:
OMG how sweet. If you ever get tired of him begging.....send him to me!! I just adore Buster Boo! :love4:
I love it!!!! He is so stinking cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OH how can you NOT give him whatever he wants? What a cute smoooooshy face!!!
LOL! now I thought our Titus was the only one who would almost break his neck to beg or get a good sniff of food in... now I see that he is not the only one.... titus will lay just like that with his head pointing due North and all smashed up against the couch or table or what ever is closest.... LOL!!!
:lol: He looks so funny......... brilliant photo :D
OMG, that face is hilarious. How can you say no to that?
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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