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Fury is now 11 weeks old and since we got her so young we started her on those housebreaking pads which worked out great because this was before her vaccines and vet told us not to take her outdoors, period. But now they seem to hinder rather than help... we take her out, stay out with her up to another hour even longer, playing and jumping around as pups do and then as soon as we come home I'm fumbling to open door and she's antsy to get in ( of course, at first I assumed it was because she was just happy to be home) but no - it's to rush in and go to her little pad on the floor and do what she needs to do.

Some mornings I take her out instead of using pad and she tends to do this walk ( I call it her princess walk) one that looks like she's tiptoe'ing because she appears to be disgusted with the morning dew on the grass but nothing happens until we return indoors.

I've even taken the pad outdoors as it suggests on the directions and she looks at pad on the grass then up at me... I know this must sound silly - actually, hubby has confirmed it sounds crazy. But, I swear she's talking to me with her eyes, thinking I'm nuts and yet, she doesn't do a thing till we go in... of course, I can't complain too much because she does do rather well on this pad with only rare ocassions of accidents.

But where she use to do little messes are now becoming bigger as she gets older and I rather not continue it when she's full grown. Any suggestions?

Second question : When we take her to park or outdoors - she tugs and pulls on grass and munches on it as if she's grazing - is this normal? She has an appt with vet on Friday and I plan on asking him but I was curious if anyone had their dogs do this and is it normal and not harmful to them?

Thanks all, I appreciate any thoughts or suggestions.
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