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Another switching food question - please help!!!!!!!!

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Okay I wrote about this maybe a week or two ago - Mags puking with the DVP ---- she was doing okay after I posted that and then last night BAM she puked on my new comforter again - the one I just got dry cleaned because she had puked on it before!!!!!!!!!!! So I think I have to switch her - her poopoos are totally fine - but I think its just churning in her stomach or something. I am going to try the DVP Duck and Potatoe as Augrad said that seemed better and easier on the tummy. But here's the thing - how shuld I do the switch?!?! I don't have enough of the regular DVP left to do the mixing thing - I would have to buy a whole nother back of that plus the Duck and Potatoe - so can I just switch her "cold turkey" so to say???? I've never fed her anything with chicken in it because she may have an allergy to it so the whole boiled chicken and rice thing won't reallywork --- please help!!!!!!!! I don't want to upset her tummy any more!!!!!!!!!!!!
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When I switched Kate from Royal Canine Bulldog forumla to the Boxer one... I just did a clean switch cause like you, I would of had to buy a whole nother bag. And Kate did fine with it. Maybe soft poo once but thats all. Acutally lots of farting the first day but that quickly went away
If I were you I would buy both and use a little bit to transition and then return the unused portion. Check the stores return policy first. When I worked in a pet store the food was guarenteed by the manufaturer. Even if someones dog ate the entire bag and then decided they didn't like the food they could return it for a refund. We just had to return the bag or unused portion. If you can't return it then I think you should buy both and give the unused portion to a shelter. I don't mean to sound rude, but the dog shouldn't suffer because you are cheap. Dogs can't vocalize an upset stomach like people can. Everytime a dogs food is drastically changed their tummy does get upset.
QueenKara said:
I don't mean to sound rude, but the dog shouldn't suffer because you are cheap. .
WOW - you AREN'T trying to sound rude there?!?!? If you knew me at all you would know I am anything but cheap when it comes to my dog - I just paid $1000 for her to have an ACL repair surgery that I could have just left to get arthritic ---- I was simply asking for those people who have done it if they respond okay to a "cold turkey" switch
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