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I cannot get the first aid links to work mods.

Kato got a few ant bites as so did I while rolling in the grass at the park. He has abot 6 on his belly, 5 are small and not inflamed, the one is a huge white head with a red ring around it, not like an infection red ring, but like a it really hurts red ring.

How do you treat an ant bite of this sort??
My son is allergic and hydrocortisone really helps, but youre not supposed to use it on babies/human babies, not sure on pups.

I called the vet, but I swear all they want is my $$$$, they said they want to confirm its an ant bite, even after I told him I was wiping the ants off so I KNEW it is ant bites!!!

Maybe alcohol on a swab???Maybe too harsh, but it should dry the puss thingy.

Poor Kato, he is 25 lbs of blubbery baby!!
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