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any1 want to make a banner for my forum webpage?

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Here's my forum: url temp. removed. Edited by : Roxy
As you can see, the top of the forum I attempted to make my own title agility banner. If anyone wants to make me a new banner that would be great.

Oh and feel free to join my forum, we are needing some members/moderators.
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why was my URL removed?
maybe they se it as competition, or detrimental to this forum...who knows.
hmmm.... thats a little strange :?:
I know the banner I made on the page was bad but I didn't know it was that bad. lol. I think they think that i'm trying to start a new forum (according to the rules) but i'm not. Here's what my title banner looks like, if anyone still wants to make me a new one.

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Do you still need a banner?

I can make you a banner if you want. Where do I get the pics from? Do you have larger files on a photobucket account or anything? They can be so silly sometimes with the rules on here.
ambulldogpup said:
why was my URL removed?
Check your pm's.
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