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Hi there, I am new to the bullie forums. We have two english bulldogs Lucy 8, and Sergio, 5. Our recent addition is our 3 month old English Mastiff, Charlotte. Our male bullie was diagnosed with epilepsy as a puppy. We recently had him to a specialist and his medication has been regulated to 10CC of pot. Bromide 2x daily. I was just curious if anyone has noticed whether a diet change helped their babies. I was thinking of switching him to a more holistic food to see if that would help. The doctor stated that many factors including heredity (although there isn't epilepsy in his line). diet, allergies, etc.. affect seizures and play a factor in the condition all together (common sense really). It is heartbreaking when he seizes but thankfully with the regulated meds his seizures have been spread out in longer duration. In otherwords instead of having them once a month, they are spread to every 2 months or so. He was starting to have cluster seizures thus the trip to the specialist. The fortunate thing is that animals with this condition can live a relatively long, normal life. It is more painful for us to watch than it is for them to have them. We currently feed the bullies Royal Canin Bulldog Formula. Can anyone offer me any advice or insight? I look forward to hearing what everyone has to say. Thanks! GINA
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