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Anyone heard of Cosequin?

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Thinking of putting Mason on this for awhile to see if it helps his limping until I can get him into xrays... A lad I worked with used to be a vet tech and suggested it to me, she said sometimes just by taking that alone can solve the problem..
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I've used cosequin extensively with horses and it is the only joint supplement that was been through scientific testing. It is definitely worth a try.
you can use glucoseamine, chondritin and MSM together, you'll have no problems. Keep in mind that G and C should be used together as they are more effective that way. Liquid form is also easier to absorb then powder. All these products do esstenially is increse the amount of fluid in the joint, they don't repair damage, so after being on them and once your loading period is done you may find your animals joints swell so adjust the dose accordingly.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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