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I would like to apologize on behalf of the forum to all the new members and guests that visit this site. There is not usually this much hostility. Bear with us while we work it out.

To the new members,
I hope you stay.

To the guests,
I hope this won't deter you from registering. We'd love to have you.

To the current members,
Please for the sake of this forum, try to get along. :)

Ok, now you can throw stones at me! :p
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Yeah, but like Kogeki pointed out, we've been through this before and we'll probably see it again. All families fight and this forum is no exception. In a week no one will even remember what all the fuss was about. If you don't like the fighting (and really, who does?) just lay low til it's over. This is a great forum with some really wonderful people and I know we're all gonna be just fine. :wink:

(And Hausmommy, none of us would stone you....ok...well, maybe some....just kidding!! LOL :wink: )
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