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newbullie said:

I am interested in getting a QUALITY bulldog puppy! The only issue is that I do not have the money for a QUALITY one at this time. Supporting the dog will not be an issue however an extra $1,000 - $2,000 is tough to come by so close to the holidays.

If you are a QUALITY breeder interested in a website to promote your story and your business I would be willing to trade a quality website for a quality English Bulldog. My latest site completed was check it out so you can see some of my work. I can customize your site 100% to your liking!

I am very serious about this as I would love to surprise my wife with a English Bulldog pup by Christmas!

Thank you
Why don't you just drum up some business over the next couple of months in order to pay for it. A good webiste like your other one cost's 10's of thousands of dollars to make. I know you want a good EBD but I think your cutting yourself short giving up a website for a dog. WEBSITES ARE EXPENSIVE
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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