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Table-surfed. Basically it's my fault because I didn't think to totally clear the table before we left.

Homemade cheesesteaks for dinner (philly style - no tomato sauce , not the pre-made stuff) so hubby & I went down to the store, maybe gone 20 mins. most. Before we left I fixed Chopper his kong w/pear & carrot pieces along w/couple of his crunchy treats. He danced all over w/excitement for it. Okay, he get his kong & we put up the gate.

Come back home, open the door & he's there looking at me. I walk into the kitchen, he was up at the table. It definitely was a lazy Saturday today. Things I didn't think to put away....box of Kix cereal, load of whole wheat bread & paper plate from a snack. This is all my stupidity!! Paper plate is so well cleaned that you could put it back & nobody would know. The loaf of bread---just the plastic bag is left--not even a crumb!! Box of Kix, he had his nose in it, but hadn't ripped apart the bag.

I pick up the plate & show it to him & tell him to "leave it". I pick him up by his front 2 legs & put him up to the table, tell him "leave it" "no table" "bad Chopper". Put him down & then took him to the laundry room area & hooked his lease onto the doorknob. He's chillin over there & I'm chillin right here.

I just realized I've got to stop humanizing my dog! I expected that since I gave him his kong, he would behave. Something like a small child. Wrong!!!

Just let him off. Am so glad that Monday nite we go back to the trainer. He told me to write down all the things I need help with.

Okay, thanks for listening. It's time to go make "cheesesteaks"! :)) Yum-yum! We originally from the Philly area & they don't make them like that up here in the Lehigh Valley. Thanks again!

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