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Any new pics of Ringo?? How is he doing?
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Yup - that's his name. He's doing well. Gaining weight, though I don't know exactly where he stands now. I looked at his records, and at the time of his rabies vaccination and neuter, he weighed 40 pounds! Can you believe that? Rediculous. If I had to guess, I'd say he's now about 70. :D He still has a ways to go, but he's looking good. His skin is healing - it's now pink instead of yellow-brown, and it's less flaky, and his coat almost looks white. The inch-thick callouses that were on his elbows and butt are pretty much gone. All that just with good diet. I haven't even been able to bathe him because his neuter surgery didn't heal for forever. I should be able to have the staples removed (second set, by the way), and give him a bath this week. Thank GOD! :lol:

I've gotten a few pics, but ATM I don't have a USB cable for my camera, so I can't upload. :( Don't worry. He'll be with me until Thanksgiving, at least. That's plenty of time for new pics. :wink: Thanks for asking about him. He's SUCH a sweetie!
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