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Avacados.....Not dangerous!

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OMG! My neighbors have this avacado tree that keeps dropping avacados in my yard. It is too tall to reach them to clear the tree, so they fall. First thing when I let these dogs out, they run straite to the avacados on the graound and start gulping them. ALWAYS!!!
Cato can pick up an avacado and with one smooth swift move, peel the fruit off the pit and spit the pit. Chocy has to chew and make a mes, and Daizy just picks it up and insists on carrying it inside so I take it from her.
As soon as we pick them up, they are back, a ton more fall!

My dogs eat proyy close to 10 a day before I can get out there each time to get them, and as soon as I clear them and turn around more fall and they grab them and run!

Cato is pooing avacado!EW!

But, at least we know, avacados are not poisonour to dogs!

I swear they are vegetarians!!!Lol.....
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my familys springer spaniel, when i was little, got into one of boxes of reese peanut butter cups that we were selling for school, at the whole thing, wrappers and all and threw up around the entire house!

we feed our dogs carrots. we give them a few of the small ones already cut and peeled from the store. never had a problem!
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