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Is there such a thing as good or bad barking? I have an eight week old pit bull pup - a friend of mine says " It's a dog, it has to bark."

But lately I put her in her crate and she starts barking. (Not always but sometimes) She hears a sound outside and she starts barking. She even barks at my six year old son so hence my question. I just want to be aware of my surroundings and my pup Furys mostly when it comes to my son. She also tends to bark when you look at her so I don't know if she's just sort of coming into her own because she hasn't been barking much till recently so I don't know if its a new thing for her or what.

I do tell her No when she barks at my son or at me and to be quite honest it doesn't bother me when she barks when someone knocks on our door or if she hears something or someone outside... I'm hoping that's just her trying to be protective.

So what would be considered a bad or good bark?

Thanks. I hope it's not too silly of a question. I appreciate any feedback.

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My boy Odin only barks when he is with me (in or out of the crate),and someone enters the house, or starts heading to the room we are in. If he is in the room by himself, he wont bark. Also, he has yet to bark outside....I cant recall him ever barking outside of the house.

Im curious as well.

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Okay lol, this is going to take me awhile to type but I hope it helps you. This is from a current book that i'm reading called "How to Speak Dog" by Stanley Coren. Very interesting book and I reccomend it to anyone who owns a dog.

Barks Human Language Meaning
Rapid Strings of 3 or 4
barks with pauses - "Gather together. I suspect there may be something we should look into."
bewteen (midrange pitch)

Rapid Barking (midrange pitch) - "Call the pack!" "Someone is entering our territory." "We may need to take action."

Cont. Barking (slower and lower pitch) - "An intruder [or danger] is very close." "Get ready to defend yourself!"

One or two sharp short barks - "Hello there!" "I see you."

Single moderate loud, sharp short bark - "What's this?" "Huh?"

Single bark, purpose in delivery, not as sharp - "Come here!"
or short as above which may sounds a bit
forced or artificial

Stutter Bark (Arr - ruf!) - "Let's play."

Rising bark - "This is fun!"
"Let's go!"

Hopefull that will clear up what your dog is trying to tell you.[/b]

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hey abby, thanks for that thats so cool.

but even before i read that i could usually tell what nelson meant by his bark.

if he stands and sniffs the air and his tail sticks up in the air and walks slowly towards where he's barking, "boof... bfff... boof boof!" its a warning bark, to tell me to look out something doean't feel right. (actually he did that lastnight when he went outside for his last wee before we went to bed. :)
when he stands still and deep barks "boo-woo-wooo-woof!" thats his, "someone's here, who teh heck are u?" bark.
and when he goes "brrrrrrr-boof" at me and bows down with his tail up, i know he wants to play.
when hes sitting at teh back door and he yelps, or what my boyfriend calls a "sissy bark", it means "i'm still out here, remember me? let me in!"

so yeah abby, ur post was spot on! :D i'm gonna get that book tomorrow!

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Thank you so much for the book suggestion I'll definitely have to pick it up but since my lil pup is nine weeks old I think she's doggy babbling since I still can't pinpoint it or I may just need a translator. heh.

Again, Thanks bunches I'm gonna concentrate on the barks now hopefully I can pinpoint what she's trying to say.

Thanks :)
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